What is a Building Inspection?

What is a Bulelng inspection? It is an Inspection to ensure the safety of the person and their
belongings while in the United States or Canada. It is commonly known as a “Building Survey”,
because it is usually conducted by an independent Building Surveyor and not by a Building Code
Enforcement Officer. A Bulelng inspection is very important.
The Home Inspection Company must inspect a Home. Home Inspectors does this for you and
your family
. Most Home Inspectors will use equipment to detect all types of defects in a building.
These instruments are usually stored in a closet and can be brought out as needed during an
This importance of a Bulelng Inspection should be understood by those selling homes and their
potential buyers. Potential Home buyers should have a good view on the exterior of any homes
they are considering buying. It is important to inspect the exterior walls and front of a home. It is
also important that you have access to the crawl space and basement. This could reveal unseen
water damage. It is difficult to emphasize the importance of this inspection.
Why would an Insurance company want to pay you to have your house Inspected? Insurance
Companies have two major objectives in paying for Insurance. One of their main goals is to save
money. Your Insurance Company can pay for your Exterior or Crawl Space examination. They
can then recoup the cost of their premiums and make savings.
This principle applies to all Insurance Companies, Governmental Agencies and Insurance
Brokers, as well as Home Buyers
. This principle is also applicable to Home Inspectors. If you
were buying a house, you wouldn’t bother looking inside the buildings. You would be
primarily concerned about the price.

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