Importance of Healthy Lifestyle in Improving Employee Productivity.

Human health is defined as a condition of full physical, emotional, and social well being and not
just the absence of illness or infirmity. It includes all aspects of the body, including the
cardiovascular and respiratory, digestive and digestive systems, as well other physiological
systems that affect the brain and soul. Since man was created, the concept health has held
special significance and importance. It encompasses man’s psychological, emotional and
physical well-being.
When we are unable to contribute meaningfully to our communities, economies, and our wellbeing as a person, what we lose is our ability. People are often forced to work for longer hours
than usual, which can lead to a loss of vitality in the workplace. The inability to focus on tasks at
hand robs them of the energy required for optimal performance. As a result, they are unable to
give their best for their employers and for themselves. Health education and healthcare play an
important role in promoting good health among workers and thereby increasing the productivity
of the nation.
Family members can be affected if ill health continues for a long time. They are subjected to
increased stress and strain, which can lead to several problems in the long run. Infirmity and
illness can also impact relationships with siblings, parents, children, and other relatives. The
recommended amount of exercise should be done as part of daily routine in order to promote the
optimal health of the entire family. It is recommended that one eat well and sleep enough